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"The Path to Knowledge"

This is a great place to start for the beginner to advanced meditator.

"LightWorker Anchor"

This meditation was created through a dream message. Itz purpose is to anchor direct Source Light into MotherEarthz core. This will assist in the removal of negative energies/forces on the planet to create change and Awakening.

"Soulz to Light Ceremony"

Itz time for all Soulz, Spiritz, unseen energies, ghosts, etc., to leave the planet. They cannot stay. They are a part of the old Paradigm. Their presence stifles the Earthz ASCENSION. 
Please join me in removing these energies.

"Heart Activation Center"

This channelled "HEART ACTIVATION CENTER GUIDED MEDITATION" was recorded on FB LIVE on my personal page, so that it can be shared publicly. IWAS instructed by Father(Source) that it is something that must be done. This Meditation, will connect, align and blast open and activate all HEART-MIND SPACE, unlock the vortex to SoulMemory and recall SoulMission/Purpose and counter blockages in order to quiet the chatter of the MindSpace.

"Sinz of the Matriarch"

It was revealed to me by FatherSource/Mother Creatrix that the negative energies of this planet does not sit solely upon the patriarchal injustices, but those of the MOTHER as well. Mothers of addictions have scarred so many of our Men which has left an impact of how they not only perceive women, but how to LUV them as well. Women born of the ADDICTED MOTHER, have a different impact. It has left them to fend for themselves to figure out how to be a true feminine goddess. They were forced to learn through media, experience and the incorrect example placed before them. This meditation will close unsettled chapters, release the pain and replace it with mending; release the anger/bitterment with LUV and understanding; and most of all FORGIVENESS to oneself for holding onto those negative feelings and the FORGIVENESS of the Matriarch for CHOOSING that path in their journey. So, IM sequestering all LightWorkers and children of this incorrectedness to JOIN me here SATURDAY 26SEPT20 at 2000 EST USA to assist me in this (timeless) Clearing-Healing Guided Meditation.

"Soul Retrieval: Journey to WholME"

Take back your power, collect thyself, connect to GodSource and become whole. Many Humanz have the feeling, otherz have the INNERKnowing and the rest have had sessions of previous incarnations/past lives and SOUL GROUPz. These energies remain on the EarthSchool Plane, to reattach to that Soul upon arrival(birth). Therefore, fears, triggers and yuck-yuck are very evident when trying to ASCEND upon AWAKENING. These are some of the nouns that must be shed in order to ASCEND. SoulGroupz are simply aspectz of ONESELF! Giving the misunderstanding of being in different dimensions simultaneously. One Soul splits itself ip into pieces to create "ASPECTS". This is called a "SoulGroup". Itz time to collect all of ourselves. Aspects and all to return to Source. This is called "Soul Retrieval". This guided meditation will not only achieve this goal, but make one whole within thyself to bridge a closer connection with Source.

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